4 Post Car Hoist Scissor Lift Hoist Central Rolling Jack


The product is designed for use on 4 post hoists and scissor hoists, providing convenience and versatility for various lifting needs.

  • Includes an SUV adaptor, allowing for easy and secure lifting of SUVs and other larger vehicles.
  • Comes with a manual handle pump, ensuring reliable and efficient operation without the need for electricity or batteries.
  • Provides stability and safety during lifting, allowing users to confidently work on their vehicles without worrying about accidents or damage.
  • Location: 1 Centre Kirkham Rd, Dandenong, VIC 3175

  • Contact Us via Phone: 03 8752 1412

  • Financing Options Available, Enquire Now For Details

Main Specifications

Loading Capacity: 1500kg
Min.Height: 175mm
Max Height: 370mm
Adjustable Lifting Arm: 820-1520mm
Packing Size: 98x57x39cm

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